This Quiz is Brought to you by the Number Five

Here’s a musical quiz for the festive season…

To play the quiz, you need someone to read out the questions and then play the tracks.

Open in Spotify if you have it and play as much of the track as you like. Or just play the excerpts and see…


What have these pieces of music got in common?

1st clue: it’s connected with the number 5. 2nd clue: count the beats!

Earn a bonus point for each one you can identify?

Play excerpts from tracks 1 – 5.


What have these five pieces got in common?

1st clue: It’s connected with the number 5. 2nd clue: if you know the first one then you could guess the answer.

Earn a bonus point for each composer you can name.

Play the beginning of tracks 1 – 5.


What connects these five pieces to the number 5?

Clue: How many notes in a ….. scale?

For a bonus point can you identify any of the music (or styles of music)?

Play a bit of tracks 1 – 5. 


What connects this music to the number 5?

Play the beginning of these clips:


Clue:  Identify the band and you’re there! A point for each one you can name.


What connects these pieces to the number 5?

Clue: how many musicians are there?

Play a bit of tracks 1 – 5.

Bonus Question – if you know your classical music history try this one.

What connects these to the number five?

Clue: Identify these five composers and their nationality to get the answer!




QUESTION 1: They are all in 5 time.

QUESTION 2: They are all 5th symphonies.

QUESTION 3: They all use a 5 note (pentatonic) scale.

QUESTION 4: They are all bands with the number 5 in their name.

QUESTION 5: They are all played or sung by 5 players (quintets).

BONUS QUESTION: These 5 Russian composers were known as ‘The Five’.