Listening to the World’s Music

Photo taken after an outdoor performance of West African Music and Dance at Edinburgh Fringe 2021. One of the few live events I have attended since the start of the pandemic and it was joyous! From left to right: Raquel Ribes, Thomas Annang, Adie Baako and Sam Oko.

Listening to musicians from around the world perform the music of their homelands, finding out about their instruments and different styles of singing (especially live) is like an adventure for me.

But it’s an adventure that’s been on hold since the first UK lockdown brought concerts and travel to a halt. And although I enjoyed some outdoor music and dance during the summer, I’m avoiding crowded places indoors for now, until risks from this pandemic are much lower. Instead, I have been revisiting some of the musical artists I admire, on You Tube.

I thought I’d share some of the music that has lifted my spirits. I hope you enjoy it too and maybe even discover something you haven’t heard before. To find this new feature look under the category Listen with Liv.

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