A Song from my Childhood

Listen with Liv: where I share my musical choice of the month.

December is traditionally a time of year for many families to get together and for me that means reminiscing about a time when we had large gatherings with lots of great-aunts and uncles and two sittings for dinner. Looking back, we (my siblings and cousins) were often asked to perform for the grown ups – sing a song or play the piano. I was happy to play for my grandma who always gave me a shilling afterwards but most of us were a bit too shy in front of all the relatives and preferred when they sang or played for us. One of the songs the grown ups sang for us to dance to, when we were little, was Dance to your Daddy. Why this song I am not sure, as we have no connection with fishing, as far as I know, though my maternal grandmother’s family did come from Whitby, a fishing town on the north east coast of England. 

I love this brilliant version of the song, with fiddle and guitar, by award winning duo: Nancy Kerr and James Fagan. It was recorded at Bath Folk Festival in 2013 and is my choice this month for Listen with Liv.

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