Introducing Chinese Music – Playlist

Along my musical journey, I have been fortunate to have met many Chinese musicians who have come to the UK from Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan and Malaysia. Some have visited for a short time and some have settled here. They have shared their knowledge of Chinese music with me and I feel privileged to have been invited to play music alongside them. I shall be writing about Chinese music and musicians in the coming weeks and so by way of an introduction, I am sharing my Chinese music playlist which you can listen to on Spotify.

Listen to the sounds of Chinese musical instruments in folk ensembles and solo music in a range of styles, as well as a popular Cantonese song.

  1. Purple Bamboo Melody a folk melody from Jiangnan, played by a Silk and Bamboo Ensemble.
  2. Lotus Emerging on the Surface of Water performed by Liu Fang.
  3. Herdsman’s New Song performed by Jiian Guangyi (dizi – bamboo flute) from an Anthology of Chinese Traditional and folk music volume 4.
  4. Dance of the Yi People played on the pipa (four stringed lute) by Wu Man.
  5. Purple Hairpin Regrets – Cantonese Song and theme of a popular TV drama.
  6. Dance of the Yao People by Tie-Shan Liu performed by Mei Han Red Chamber.
  7. Jasmine Flower a well-known song played on the erhu by Lei Qiang.
  8. Xia San Liu (three Six) played by Lingling Yu Guo Gan (Jiagnan Sizhu Music – Silk and Bamboo)
  9. Delicate Fragrance from the Chinese Quintet of Plucked Instruments.
  10. A Song of a Warm Southerly Breeze played by Zhang Weiliang on the bamboo flute.

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