On the Eighth Day of Christmas

Happy New Year! Are you a fan or do you avoid the annual New Year Concert from the Vienna Philharmonic? Their performance of lively music, including famous waltzes by Johann Strauss is adored by audiences around the world. It’s not my cup of tea but I can see the attraction (!) in this moment from ‘The Sound of Music’ where Maria and Captain von Trapp dance a traditional Austrian ländler. Originally a folk dance, from the late 18th century, the ländler became more refined as it was adopted in the popular dance halls of 19th century Europe. In the context of the film and the era in which it is set, I find the music quite poignant: the chandeliers, the glamorous gowns, the couples dancing in the background. And (plot spoiler alert) the looming threat to Austria’s autonomy makes its traditional culture seem all the more precious.

One thought on “On the Eighth Day of Christmas

  1. I have watched & cringed in recent years but I rather enjoyed it this year (perhaps due to the lack of live concert going opportunities) although it’s very noticeable how soloistic the individual players in a section appear to be. End product is good though.


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