About Liv

Liv is a cellist and ethnomusicologist living in the UK. In the year 2000, she began to study world music after years of Western classical training and even more years’ experience of teaching the cello. 

I was suddenly a beginner all over again. Read about my musical journey from West to East and join me as I continue to discover music and the people who create it.

EPSON MFP imageBach on a building site! My music-obsessed teenage self – photo by my art-obsessed brother! 

Liv’s Music World springs from my curiosity about music.

It’s for anyone who, like me, loves music and loves living in a diverse, multi-cultural world. I believe that a shared curiosity about music is a great starting point for connecting people who otherwise might never meet. If you enjoy Western classical music but would like to find out more about the world’s many other musics, or vice versa, subscribe to Liv’s Music World to receive newly published articles on anything music-related that has aroused my curiosity.

By the way:

I use the the term ‘classical music’ to refer to ‘Western art music’. I use the prefix ‘Western’ where the meaning could be ambiguous.

‘World music’ is a generalised term that I use to refer to music of many different cultures that are anything other than the Western art music tradition.


What do the following have in common: ‘She Loves You’ by the Beatles; ‘Waltz’ from Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’; ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ from ‘Mary Poppins’; ‘Take 5’ by Dave Brubeck; Elgar’s Cello Concerto; ‘Clapping Music’ by Steve Reich; West African drumming; Chinese Silk and Bamboo music; Indian classical music and Indonesian Gamelan?

Answer: they are all part of Liv’s Music World! To find out more, see articles, playlists and (soon) podcasts.

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