I’m Liv, a musician/ethnomusicologist living in Edinburgh, UK. In the year 2000, I began to study non-Western styles of music and became intrigued and challenged by different ways of learning. After years of Western classical training and even more years’ teaching young people to play the cello:

 I was suddenly a beginner all over again! 

Read about my musical journey around the world and join me as I continue to discover music and the people who create it.

Photo of my teenage self taken by my brother in a yard near our home in Lancashire.

Liv’s Music World springs from my curiosity about the music and people of our multi-cultural world. It’s about my experience of Western classical music, music education, Indian classical music, Chinese music, African music/dance, Indonesian gamelan and more. I believe a shared passion for music is a great way of making connections between people.

“Music is one of the ways we can achieve a kind of shorthand to understand each other.” Yo-Yo Ma

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