Stay at Home – No More Excuses

When I started Liv’s Music World, my idea was to make connections with people around the world through a shared passion for music. Now we have in common a terrifying pandemic and a requirement in some parts, certainly here in Scotland, to stay at home. Since I can’t go anywhere, it has become a time for me to get organised and do some serious practice. I have already sorted out my cupboards and put my music into file boxes in alphabetical order by the composer’s name. This means I can now find the piece I am looking for without a major upheaval of my life. (CDs are next on my list and then perhaps I’ll have a look at the vinyl collection).

One of the dilemmas of my sort out was what to do with pieces that I know I’ll never be able to play. I have so many cello and piano scores that are way beyond me, which I’d bought years ago, in some deluded, optimistic, youthful shopping spree. The charity shops have been closed for a while now, so I put them into the appropriate box for a rainy day. Well now is a rainy day so, against my better judgement, I’ve dug out the Grieg piano concerto. So far I have only learnt the first three pages but I am having fun. One day, I’m going to go to one of those pianos in the open air or at St Pancras Station and play the first movement (or perhaps just the first three pages) of the Grieg. Luckily for me it looks like that day could be a long time away!

I’d be happy to get the dramatic opening up to speed. Here’s what it should sound like …


4 thoughts on “Stay at Home – No More Excuses

  1. I’ll turn your pages Liv if that will help to get you performing at St Pancras 😄
    Lots of love – stay safe, well and sane in the madness that is our new normal.

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    1. ‘I’m playing all the right notes – but not necessarily in the right order!’ Thanks for reminding me of that hilarious sketch with Andre Previn. Made me smile. All well, thank you.


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